How to choose a cheap, good quality hotel in Phu Quoc

Many travelers when booking often look for cheap hotels in Phu Quoc, but because of lack of experience, the experience is not very positive. The following article of AVS Phu Quoc will suggest you how to choose and book a hotel when traveling to Phu Quoc.

How to choose the right hotel?
Summary of experience in choosing cheap, good quality rooms and hotels in Phu Quoc

  • Choose based on amenities, services and hotel form
  • Choose based on geographic location, mobility
  • Hunting promotions, discount codes from hotels
  • Book directly at the hotel

Many travelers when booking often look for cheap hotels in Phu Quoc , but because of lack of experience, the experience is not very positive. The following article of AVS Phu Quoc will suggest you how to choose and book a hotel when traveling to Phu Quoc.

How to choose the right hotel?

In Phu Quoc today, there are many resorts, hotels, homestays ... to meet all needs and budgets. With each type of accommodation, there will be advantages and disadvantages, so when you have not determined your needs, it will take a lot of time to refer to and consider each option.


If service is a priority, and budget is not an issue, choose resorts and resorts close to nature, near the sea to enjoy the best services and experiences that nowhere else can bring. next to quiet privacy just you and your family at that place. The drawback of this solution, besides cost, is that it is far from the city because it needs a large space and avoids hustle and bustle, so moving often takes a lot of time.

If you prioritize Phu Quoc tourist destinations or have a relatively budget, choose hotels or homestays, most of them are concentrated around or in the city center, making your transportation and experience also become easier. easy, besides the return budget is very very reasonable. The limitation of this solution is that the style and design of the hotels and homestays here are often not much different and are often "one color".

Talking about Phu Quoc hotels , most of them have very good service quality, affordable prices with many amenities such as swimming pools, public beaches… Hotels are often concentrated in Duong Dong or coastal areas. , the quality is usually from 2 stars or more.

Talking about homestay, this is not the choice of the majority, although they have bloomed for a long time, they are usually only suitable for a certain group of people. Therefore, if you have a taste for enjoyment and want to experience Phu Quoc in a unique and unique way, you can consider it.


Whatever you choose, prioritize comfort and relaxation, because traveling to Phu Quoc is not easy, so the experiences you choose must also be memorable and worth the money.

Summary of experience in choosing cheap, good quality rooms and hotels in Phu Quoc

The list below is the experience of choosing cheap hotels in Phu Quoc with good quality for you to consider applying in your travel plans. Remember, similar to the formula, there is no standard experience, only the experience that is right for you or not.

Choose based on amenities, services and hotel form

As a first step, ask yourself what do you want the hotel experience to be? For example, want a swimming pool, breakfast or a shuttle from the airport… They will shape real needs, and you can easily find hotels that meet your desired criteria. Surprise is not a wise choice, especially when it comes to booking needs, so – know exactly what you want, need and what the hotel can provide.


Besides, consider the budget that you can afford to book a room, because for each room type, each hotel will have a different quality and price. Don't be greedy for cheap, but don't book too expensive a room, read through the reviews, photos of guests who have booked to get an idea of ​​what the specific experience will be like. Limiting your booking costs to ⅓ of your travel costs, no more and nothing less will help you balance your experience and expenses.

If you don't know where to start, start with these questions:

  • What is the booking budget?
  • What type of room would you like to stay in?
  • Single room or double room?
  • Is the view important, sea view or street view?
  • Public or private cleaning? Self-prepared or ready-to-use toiletries?
  • Does architecture matter, modern or classical?
  • What about airport transfers and car rentals?

The above list is a basic requirement, and each person will have a different requirement. Based on your own needs, to build a list of requirements accordingly, help choose the right and enough hotels you need.

Choose based on geographic location, mobility

Phu Quoc is an island with a long and beautiful beach, which is the reason many people choose to come here. But not all hotels are close to the sea and have beautiful sea views, and any hotel that meets those criteria is not cheap.

To choose a cheap hotel room in Phu Quoc with good quality, look for hotels far from the city center, far from the sea but have motorbikes for rent, or support shuttle at the airport. Although moving will be a bit complicated, but you and your family will save a lot of money, and don't have to compete for booking with others in the central, hot location of the city. .


Unlike other island cities, the road system in Phu Quoc is very spacious and currently, there is little traffic jam. Famous tourist sites that attract many visitors are also connected to major roads, with full lighting systems to make travel very safe and with few obstacles.

Therefore, when booking, you can consider choosing places far from the center but still fully equipped, the experience is not too different when booking a room right in the city center. This will save you and your family a lot and use them to create more enjoyable experiences.

Hunting promotions, discount codes from hotels

The accommodation business is seasonal, sometimes crowded with tourists and also has a low point of sluggishness. With peak occasions such as from October this year to March next year, room rates are higher because the hotel wants to optimize revenue, and at low times, room rates are usually lower because the hotel wants to sell more rooms. Therefore, to choose a cheap hotel room in Phu Quoc , you should book a room in the low tourist season, with less jostling and good price, but the travel plan should also be suitable for the time. this.


Along with that, hotels often have promotions, discounts, incentives ... making room rates even cheaper. To get a good room rate, you should target the hotel you want to book, "watch me" on the occasions they offer discounts to book immediately. This is similar to booking a room far from the date of stay, for example 1 or 2 months in advance, the room rate will be even cheaper.

Compared to the two solutions above, the quality of service and the stay experience will not change, but the experience at the places that move often will be more difficult, because the low season has its own reasons. , often inclement weather or lack of scenic beauty.

Book directly at the hotel

When booking through online booking sites like, hotels incur an additional commission fee and often include them directly in the sale price. Therefore, when you book directly, the hotel will save money, so the room rate will usually be cheaper.

Please contact the hotel, ask specifically if you want to book a room at their hotel and how much it will cost. Most hotels will encourage their customers to book rooms directly, through the direct sale link on the hotel website. for example:  or refer to the room list below:

  • Deluxe : With an area of ​​33m2 with sea view to catch the cool breeze every morning.
  • Premier : Has an area of ​​38m2 with a beautiful view towards the garden.
  • Family : Large area up to 46m2, located on a high floor, overlooking the sea or mountain. Spacious room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, suitable for families and groups of friends.
  • Junior Suite : Located on the top floor, overlooking the sea and mountains. Room includes large balcony, 1 living room, 1 bedroom.
  • Executive Suite : Area up to 80m2, with separate living room. The space is open and airy with full sunlight and a full sea view.

Direct booking is also the simplest and safest way to ensure you book the right hotel, when in the middle there is no intermediary channel to connect, but only you and the hotel communicate and exchange with each other. Through the hotel's official website, you can quickly and easily book a room without any significant inconvenience or return.

Above are suggestions and solutions to be able to choose a cheap hotel in Phu Quoc with good quality. You can also combine all of the solutions above, to get the best room rate, while the service and experience are second to none. This helps you to have a memorable trip while not spending too much money on hotel reservations.

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