What is a 4-star hotel standard? Does Phu Quoc have any 4-star hotels worth experiencing

4-star hotel standard is one of the selection criteria when traveling to Phu Quoc. They make your experience great, worth the money. But if you don't know what this standard will bring, then this is the article for you.

Experiences of 4-star hotel standards

When choosing a 4-star hotel to stay, you want not only a place to stay, but also a special experience. Phu Quoc hotels are built along the coast, with a quality service system and luxurious experience, completely meeting this.

Basically, the experiences of 4-star hotel standards include:

  • Lobby: Minimum area is 60m2, with roof and private bathroom in the lobby. As for the resort hotel, there must be a bar, and a separate smoking area.
  • Equipment: Quality furniture, suitable for architecture and space. There are carpets in all locations of the lobby, stairs, and bedrooms. There is air conditioning in public areas and clean drinking water dispensers.
  • Swimming pool: The international standard size is 50 meters in length, equivalent to the width of an Olympic swimming pool. The standard of a 4-star hotel in Vietnam is only half that, ie 25 meters in length. 4-star hotel standards regulate the width and do not limit the width, so hotels can expand to the limit, in accordance with the general rules and layout of the hotel.
  • Room system: Single room minimum size 21m2, double room minimum 25m2, other common room types from 41m2 or more.
  • And many other related standards such as gym, spa, buffet and BBQ... depending on the room and the individual system of each hotel. For example, at AVS Hotel Phu Quoc, Ren Restaurant is a typical French-style restaurant with high quality and standard European dishes.





In addition, the standard service of a 4-star hotel must be mentioned such as afternoon tea party, garden BBQ service, shuttle bus... In Phu Quoc, with special conditions of island terrain, services 4-star standard hotels also have to provide services such as yacht parties, snorkeling and coral viewing. On the mainland, 4-star hotel standard services will often be accompanied by golfing ... to help increase the maximum experience for visitors.

4-star hotels in Phu Quoc that you should experience

Phu Quoc Ocean Pearl Hotel

Address: 99 Tran Hung Dao Duong Dong Phu Quoc.


Phu Quoc Ocean Pearl Hotel provides the most modern and luxurious accommodation for visitors when experiencing Phu Quoc with a large area and modernly decorated rooms, you will always feel comfortable and satisfied with your stay. this choice. The campus has a large lawn, allowing you to walk around comfortably. The restaurant system is diverse, serving a variety of Asian and European dishes to meet all the culinary needs of visitors.

The system of rooms has many choices, from mountain view to sea view, helping all of your choices be satisfied and exceed your initial expectations. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the rooftop bar, which is both convenient to watch the sunset in the afternoon, and have fun at night for the most interesting and wonderful experiences.

M Hotel Phu Quoc

Address: 46 Tran Hung Dao Duong Dong Phu Quoc.


M Hotel Phu Quoc is located on Tran Hung Dao Street, which is one of the busiest streets in Phu Quoc, so when you choose, you will also enjoy the excitement that this place offers.

M Hotel Phu Quoc has a restaurant system, an outdoor swimming pool and bars and a garden on the hotel premises and a system of premium rooms that meet the standards of a 4-star hotel in Phu Quoc, helping to enhance the experience and ensure Everything you need is always provided.

M Hotel Phu Quoc is very close to tourist attractions such as Sung Hung Pagoda, Phu Quoc night market, Dinh Cau ... so moving and experiencing is also very easy.

AVS Hotel Phu Quoc

Address: Tran Hung Dao Duong Dong Phu Quoc.


After the pandemic, tourism recovered strongly and tourists began to spend more money, so the motivation to experience a 4-star hotel is a reasonable choice. When deciding to travel to Phu Quoc, you will probably wonder which hotel to choose, then AVS is an interesting choice, suitable for most people, for all purposes of the trip.

In anticipation of the post-epidemic recovery trend, as well as the upcoming peak tourist season, AVS deploys many new items, renovating many existing works to put on a new coat for the hotel to be more luxurious and classy. . These things range from facilities, personnel to hygiene, food... to meet all room capacity at all times with room types:

  • Deluxe: With an area of ​​33m2 with sea view to catch the cool breeze every morning.
  • Premier: Has an area of ​​38m2 with a beautiful view towards the garden.
  • Family: Large area up to 46m2, located on a high floor, overlooking the sea or mountain. Spacious room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, suitable for families and groups of friends.
  • Junior Suite: Located on the top floor, overlooking the sea and mountains. Room includes large balcony, 1 living room, 1 bedroom.
  • Executive Suite: Area up to 80m2, with separate living room. The space is open and airy with full sunlight and a full sea view.

As one of the luxury hotels in Phu Quoc, the target audience of AVS Hotel is not limited to anyone, from couples or small families who need a place to stop but not just rest or conference guests. Meeting facilities right in the hotel.

Huyen – a tourist from Quang Ninh staying at AVS Hotel Phu Quoc shared: “AVS Hotel offers an outstanding experience, with excellent service quality, comparable to 5-star hotels in Quang Ninh. .” This statement is not an exaggeration, when many visitors after experiencing the same comment, expressed through reviews on social networks, room sales channel of AVS Hotel Phu Quoc.

Coco Village Phu Quoc Resort & Spa

Address: Group 3, Ong Lang Hamlet.


Coco Village Phu Quoc Resort & Spa is one of the best hotels in Phu Quoc. The quality of service not only comes from the inherent 4-star standard, but also because of its geographical location and extremely quiet hotel space, comfortable fresh air for vacations.

The hotel's breakfast is extremely high quality, ensuring a delicious and energetic meal for a new day. The hotel's staff is extremely attentive and professional, ready to meet all needs, even the smallest requirements when you book a room here.

AVS Hotel Phu Quoc 

Address: 100/2 Trần Hưng Đạo, Dương Đông, Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang

Hotline đặt phòng: 029 739 77778

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