Top 5 services you should experience at AVS Phu Quoc

AVS Hotel Phu Quoc is one of the leading hotels in paradise "Pearl Island". Experience the top 5 services you should try at AVS Hotel Phu Quoc right away! The hotel is inspired by romantic France to design a "nostalgic castle" with a European breath that makes you fall in love at first sight!

System of 4-star rooms

AVS Hotel Phu Quoc is a 4-star hotel because of the comfort in each room and high-class furniture. Most of the interior decoration in the room is classical in harmony with the French architecture of the hotel. This consistency both inside and out creates sophistication and elegance for AVS Hotel Phu Quoc.

The rooms are meticulously designed to provide a great rest space for guests. AVS Hotel Phu Quoc with the size of 100 rooms with different room types meets the accommodation needs for all tourists who choose to stay here.


Some room types include: 

  • Deluxe : With an area of ​​33m2 with sea view to catch the cool breeze every morning.
  • Premier : Has an area of ​​38m2 with a beautiful view towards the garden.
  • Family : Large area up to 46m2, located on a high floor, overlooking the sea or mountain. Spacious room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed, suitable for families and groups of friends.
  • Junior Suite : Located on the top floor, overlooking the sea and mountains. Room includes large balcony, 1 living room, 1 bedroom.
  • Executive Suite : Area up to 80m2, with separate living room. The space is open and airy with full sunlight and a full sea view.


The most beautiful dome swimming pool in Phu Quoc

The highlight at AVS Hotel Phu Quoc is the rooftop pool area with a unique dome architecture. The swimming pool at the hotel is one of the top beautiful swimming pools in Phu Quoc that you must try. This is also an enchanting virtual living place for tourists. The swimming pool located at the highest position of the hotel is the place to help you capture the most complete view of the beautiful sea. In the afternoons, you can also enjoy the moment when the red sunset gradually falls on the far horizon.


There is also a floating tray service where food and drinks are placed in a tray and floated on the pool water. Immersing yourself in the cool water at the swimming pool while enjoying the "floating" cuisine is a new and exciting experience.


Luxury restaurant, European standard

The restaurant at AVS Hotel Phu Quoc is designed in European - French style. The restaurant space stands out with gentle colors, mainly consisting of two main colors, white and light yellow. Thanks to the subtle color combination, the restaurant has brought warmth to the restaurant. The decorations from the curtains to the chandeliers are also carefully selected to match the classic French touch. The tables and chairs are made from high quality wood and are carved with eye-catching patterns.



The menu at the restaurant includes a variety of Asian - European dishes to suit the taste of domestic and international tourists. Professional chefs will prepare nutritious meals for you. Breakfast here is buffet style so you can freely choose your favorite dishes.

Sky Bar with infinity sea view

Sky Bar of AVS Hotel Phu Quoc is located on the rooftop and right next to the swimming pool. The bar has a professional bartender that will serve a variety of drinks such as tropical cocktails, wines, and drinks upon request from guests. Sky Bar space with extremely chill view to see Phu Quoc sea. At night, it is even more brilliant by the colorful lights from the city. This place is quite suitable to have moments of conversation and mental relaxation.


Professional spa, high quality

For a refreshing spirit and a vibrant body, visit Y Spa & Wellness at AVS Hotel Phu Quoc to experience this extremely quality spa service. Spa technicians with extensive experience will use therapies to help you relieve all stress in your body.


This process is combined with natural essential oils to ensure safety for your health. Natural aromas also help you to relax. And the natural ingredients with benign ingredients will not cause allergies or unpleasant odors instead, you will feel closer to nature.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Phu Quoc, come to AVS Hotel Phu Quoc to experience the high-class services at the hotel! Besides, the staff at the hotel are always welcoming to visitors. Professional and dedicated staff in each stage of customer care leave a good impression for tourists to rest here. AVS Hotel wishes you a wonderful stay in Phu Quoc.


AVS Hotel Phu Quoc 

Address: 100/2 Trần Hưng Đạo, Dương Đông, Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang

Hotline đặt phòng: 029 739 77778

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